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Some answers to your questions

Where is your Jewellery made?

  • We produce jewellery, both bespoke and as part of our various collections at our workshops in Hatton Garden, London, Italy and our factory in Mumbai, India.


What are the origins of your various gemstones?

  • We source our diamonds from all over the world.
  • Sapphires and rubies from Burma (Myanmar), Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Kashmir, Madagascar & Africa. We also stock a large collection of certified unheated sapphires & rubies.
  • Our emeralds are from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil and other countries.


Where do you source your diamonds?

  • We source diamonds from various countries all over the world, including, India, Israel, Belgium, and the USA.


Are your diamonds conflict free?

  • All our diamonds are ‘conflict-free’, ethically sourced and conform to the Kimberly Process. Ethical business activities are very important to us at Emdico. We take great care to ensure that we employ best practice in terms of how we conduct all our business.


Do you offer certificates with your diamonds?

  • Yes, we offer a wide range of certified diamonds; we also offer un-certified diamonds.


What certificates do you use?

  • We use most of the major international laboratories such as GIA, IGI, HRD, SSEF, Gubelin, GRS, GCS, and Gem & Pearl Lab.
  • We also have relationships with local Hatton Garden laboratories, giving us the opportunity to have certificates made at short notice.


Do you sell synthetic diamonds?

  • No, we do not sell synthetic diamonds.
  • All our diamonds above 1pt are screened for CVD/ Synthetics/ Treatments.


What are your opening & closing times?

  • We are open from 9.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday.


Do you offer consignments?

  • Yes, we offer consignments regularly to all established clients. We ask new customers to provide two trade references prior to consignments being given.8


Do you offer credit terms?

  • We are happy to offer credit terms, once a relationship is established.


Do you provide postage?

  • At our discretion, we provide postage in the form of Royal Mail Special Delivery, in addition to various other secure courier services.


What is your turn around time for core ranges? 

  • Four to five weeks.


Do you have a sales representative?

  • Yes, our sales representatives travel all over the United Kingdom on our behalf. Their contact details are:


- Mr Oliver Thomas at [email protected] and +44(0)7973-687151



Do you attend jewellery / trade shows?

  • Yes, we participate in several jewellery shows a year, both domestic and international. In the past we have been regular exhibitors at the IJL show at Earls court and Olympia, at the CMJ show and the Houlden group show, in the UK. We have also attended the Hong Kong and Basel World shows abroad in the capacity of buyers.


Do You buy second hand or antique jewellery?

  • Yes, we do occasionally buy second hand jewellery depending on the item and whether we believe it to be suitable for our purposes.