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Emdico Diamonds, Gems and Jewellery

Discover Emdico, where the artistry of diamonds, gemstones, and fine jewellery comes alive.

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Emdico London

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Kindly note that, from time to time, certain items from our inventory might be on approbation with our esteemed clients for their consideration.

Emdico London

About Emdico

At the heart of the gem world stands Emdico (London) Limited – a family-owned diamond specialist established in 1985. With an extensive presence spanning London, Dubai, Antwerp, Bombay, and New Delhi, Emdico has nurtured a devoted global clientele over a remarkable 35-year journey. Renowned as a premier importer and exporter of loose diamonds, coloured gemstones, and jewellery in the UK, Emdico's legacy shines bright.

Emdico London

Bespoke Services

At Emdico, we epitomize bespoke excellence, guiding your vision from concept to reality. Our in-house CAD technicians and stone cutting workshop ensure an entirely crafted piece, aligned with our unwavering commitment to top-tier service. We're dedicated to your unique experience, with a diverse design range that knows no bounds. Transforming your customers' dreams into timeless masterpieces is our privilege.

Emdico London

Loose Stones

Unveil a treasury of Loose stones, spanning certified and Uncertified diamonds, and coloured gems. Our wholesale stronghold grants us exclusive access to rare stones, a testament to our origins as diamond and emerald merchants. From Colombian emeralds to Burmese rubies and Kashmir sapphires, we honour our heritage by offering the finest quality gemstones. Competitively priced, we empower you to present your customers with unparalleled value.


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